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清肺消炎 低糖型 冲剂
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Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 24 cm x 3 cm
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增强免疫力。 凉血

润燥 。清肺。解毒

本产品原料来自于大瑶山原始森林, 根据老中医祖传秘方合理配制, 经现代科学工艺精制而成。 常饮可增强人体的免疫能力, 防治肺炎, 为新一代老少皆宜的四季清凉茶。


金银花, 麦冬, 板篮根, 鱼腥草, 贯众, 杏仁, 桔梗, 杭白菊, 甘草,陈皮


取本品1-2小袋, 冷热开水冲调, 每日可多次饮用。


存放于阴凉, 干燥, 通风处。

The product is prepared from the wild chinese herb medicines growing in the remote thickly forested mountains, in accordance with some old chinese doctors' secret precriptions handed down in the familyfrom generation to generation by adopting modern technology. 

If you have it for a long time, it will wholly strengthen immunity function of your body, make you strong and regulate your body function. Especially, it is suitable for the weak or the pneumonia sufferers to take it for a long period tie. So, it is the necessary cool tea for all the ages to take it all seasons.


Honeysuckle, Dwart Lilyturt Tuder, Indigowoad Root, Heart-leaf Houttuynia Herb, Fortunes, Almond, Balloonf-lower Root, Dandellon, Hangzhou's White Chrysanthemum, Liquorice, Tangerine Peel


Get 1 - 2 teabags, mixed with boiled water before drinking


Keep at a dry and ventilatory Place.



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