ECO Premium Condense Instant Bird Nest Drink 浓缩即食燕窝 (鲜炖)
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Premium Condense Instant Edible Bird Nest Pao Shen Drink 浓缩即食燕窝泡参 (鲜炖)


  • Volume 容量: 580ml
  • Yield 分量: 7 – 8 times
  • Storage method 收藏方法: refrigeration 冷藏
  • Ingredient 成分:

Edible Bird Nest 燕窝
Pao Shen 泡参
Cane Rock Sugar 蔗糖


  • Benefits 功效:
  1. Edible Bird Nest Fragment燕窝is beauty food which is rich in epidermal growth factor (EGF). This substance is responsible for skin and tissue repair.
  2. Pao Shen 泡参to be able to strengthen one's energy and also reduce heatiness
  3. Cane rock sugar蔗糖contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds, which make the skin healthy, soft and supple and prevent early ageing and wrinkles

  • Consumption Method 食用方法

1 – 2 soup spoon with premium condense Instant Edible Bird Nest Pao Shen Drink in bow, add sufficient warm / cold water, stir and ready for consumption
1 – 2汤匙浓缩即食燕窝放入碗中,加入温/冷水,搅匀即可食用

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